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Featured in Modern Luxury Fall 2019

Congratulations to interior designer Tom Stringer on the lovely feature in the latest edition of Modern Luxury Interiors. The article “Home Coming” showcases Stringer and his husband’s newly renovated home. After suffering a fire, he and his husband took the opportunity to remodel their Chicago graystone. Having completely renovated just years Read More

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Tamarian Carpets Takes Chicago Designers Deep into the World of Rug Making

An Oscar Isberian Blog by Diane Cotton Caplan   Did you know that an 8x10 hand-knotted carpet actually takes a village to create? From the sheep farmers, shearing experts, wool spinners and small-batch dyers to the pattern designers, master weavers, washers, rug finishers, import specialists and customs officers, upwards of Read More

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India 2019

By Sarkis Tatosian   My early spring trip to India has become a yearly excursion that always brings inspiration. This March visit included stops in Varanasi, Jaipur and Sitapur. Varanasi, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is regarded as spiritual capital of India and dates to the Read More

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Domotex 2019

We’ve just returned from Hanover, Germany for the annual DOMOTEX show (Jan. 11-14) where over 1,400 exhibitors from all around the world attended to showcase their carpets and floor coverings. Ignited with fresh inspiration, we excited to share the notes and trends from our trip. Read More

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