Expert Rug Appraisals

We value rugs and know their value, too.

Extensive knowledge, built over a century in the rug trade, has given the Oscar Isberian team the ability to properly appraise your area rugs, whether they are vintage pieces, true antiques, or coveted family treasures. We stay current on global market conditions and buying and selling trends which affect the value of individual rugs.

Contact us at 312-475-0000 for a free, no-obligation appraisal.

1. Identify

We begin with identifying the origin and age of the rug.

2. Evaluate

Evaluate color, design, craftsmanship and current condition.

3. Recommend

Recommend any repairs that would improve the value and condition of the rug.

4. Report

We will provide you with a full report of our findings with a calculated value.