Museum-Quality Repair & Restoration

Our artisans work to restore your rug as closely as possible to its original beauty.

Handmade rugs are famous for their durability, but sometimes damage does occur due to severe wear, age, or even the flaws caused by a furry family member. Whether it’s color fading from years in the sun, wear spots from foot traffic, or even a chewed-up corner from a new puppy, our master weavers can restore your rugs to near original condition.

We don’t just patch up your damaged rugs.

We restore them.

Our restoration pros are trained artists who can duplicate the materials and construction of the original piece

Similar yarns are sourced

Worn areas are rewoven

Frayed ends are stitched and rebound

Colors are dyed or tinted to bring out vibrancy

In addition, our team will discuss thoroughly the processes we recommend for repairing your rug and make suggestions to avoid future damages from occurring.