Custom Rugs of all sizes and colors

At Oscar Isberian Rugs, our customization capabilities and other services have been instruments in setting us apart.

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Working with our seasoned experts, you can create a rug or carpet to your exact specifications. Whether you want to make a statement, create a cozy conversation area, or add a hallway runner, our professionals can utilize various techniques to help customize a rug or carpet, especially for you.

1. Resize an Existing Rug

We can resize handwoven rugs if you downsize and need to shorten your favorite rug or select one from our showroom to fit your new space.

2. Transform a Carpet

We can build area rugs from broadloom carpets to create an area rug to fit your specifications perfectly. Love your carpet, not the size? Our experts can cut and finish your carpet into an area rug of any shape or size.

3. Create Your Own Design

Bring us your design, and we will make it a reality. We can create a rug based on your unique design and color scheme. Our weavers will create a small sample to demonstrate pattern and color for your approval and create a one-of-a-kind rug to your specifications.

4. Tufted Rug Customization

There are many options for you to create your tufted rug of choice. We can cut, stitch and finish your existing tufted carpeting into any size or shape up to 35 feet wide. Or, we have samples on hand in our showroom to help you to visualize your creation. We also welcome your designs. Our sales staff will help bring your ideas to fruition.

5. Handmade Custom Rugs

Our sales team will walk you through our handmade rug samples inventory, helping you navigate the many options available. First, we will discuss the colors, pattern, shape, and size that you’d like to have showcased in your new rug. Then, choose your yarns from our on-site color pallets to be handwoven by our artisans overseas into your personally designed rug.

6. Stairways and Hallways

Our professionals will help you choose the carpets best suited for stairways and runners and provide guidance when selecting color and style. Every tread, riser, and landing is meticulously measured to ensure that the carpet we create fits perfectly.

Our rug customization services have been honed and perfected, using the most detailed, traditional techniques melded with today’s technology.

Our century of experience has made us a trusted source for custom carpets and rugs for residential or commercial applications on floors, hallways, or staircases. Whether creating original designs or modifying patterns and styles, our artisans routinely exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele.