The bar officially has been raised for chic,
sophisticated, high-end hide and fur flooring options. YERRA is a Buenos
Aires-based brand, found exclusively at Oscar Isberian Rugs, which has taken
hide flooring to epic levels of cool. What’s more, these rugs are completely
customizable in terms of color, design, size and shape.YERRA’s
patterned hides and fur selections are made of the finest Argentine cowhides,
goat and sheep skins. Standard patterns are plentiful and include Herringbone,
Retro circles, Maze, and Stripes.YERRA’s
handmade designs come in 27 standard natural and dyed colors like milk, oat,
chocolate, deep black, iron grey, fuchsia, peach, violet and avocado.Virtually
worry-free, these hides won’t stain or lose their hair. What’s more, they are
tanned with environmentally friendly products.Call
our experts today to find the perfect YERRA hide or fur rug for your next
project―or even for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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