In the May/June 2023 issue of Veranda, a humble inn nestled in a wooded copse near the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan gets a total makeover.

The original 1922 structure had deteriorated over the years, featuring misguided renovations like glass block windows, bedroom whirlpool baths, and dropped tile ceilings, further diminishing its appeal.

Yet, beneath its worn exterior, a hidden beauty yearned to be unveiled. Recognizing its potential, the inn’s new owners enlisted Chicago-based designer Summer Thornton to restore its allure for seasonal visitors. Thornton envisioned transforming the space into a private summer retreat while retaining the inn’s charm with delightful guest quarters and an independently operated restaurant on the ground floor.

Inspired by vibrant Russian floral needlepoint, Thornton embarked on a design journey to breathe new life into the inn. She skillfully combined bold prints and colors, layering checks, stripes, and botanical patterns to create an enchanting and whimsical ambiance, veiling architectural eccentricities.

To create a sense of comfort and curiosity, Thornton incorporated various textiles, including a gorgeous piece from Oscar Isberian Rugs. Each guest room boasted a distinct color scheme, reminiscent of Thornton’s grandmother’s house, adorned with wallpapers or curtain fabrics to set the tone. The result was a charismatic and quaint ensemble that emanated charm.

Banishing the inn’s former design to a distant realm, a new chapter unfolded in this lakeside hideaway. Here, relaxation and leisure prevailed, inviting guests to indulge in long games of chess in the lounge or enjoy peaceful naps under the warm sun on the sundeck. Within the walls of this century-old inn, a modern fairy tale materialized, where dreams and enchantment converged harmoniously.

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