For three days in early September, I was privileged to participate in a conference on Afghan rug weaving, held in Dubai and organized by USAID, an agency of the U.S. State Department that focuses on International Development. Dubai is an easy location for both buyers and sellers to meet. Future plans may include traveling to Afghanistan.

The objective was to directly connect rug weavers in Afghanistan and Rug dealers (buyers) from all parts of the world. Participation was by invitation. All aspects Mickey Mouse Bounce House Slide of rug production, markets and transport were examined.

His Excellency Humayoon Rasaw, Minister of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan, opened the conference chateau gonflable and met privately with us. At its peak, carpet production in Afghanistan accounted for 37% of all exports, the amount has now decreased. The Afghan government now is focusing on developing the carpet sector, which has a great tradition and offers employment to men and women in remote areas.

Oscar Isberian Rugs, Inc. was pleased to participate. While we currently have weaver contacts in Afghanistan, we have now tobogan hinchable met new potential suppliers, too.

The quality of the carpets was excellent. Color, design and finishing all were of high standards; the manufacturers clearly “brought their best” and were eager to receive our input on the marketplace in the USA.

We purchased some exciting rugs of excellent quality with beautiful colors. We can’t wait for their arrival by air freight. While I wish there had been more rugs to purchase, I am confident our designers’ clients will love what they see!!!

We will promptly begin the design and sample process to create a collection from Afghanistan, targeting both traditional and contemporary designs. This is an opportunity, at its infancy, with great potential to grow, to maintain a great tradition of weaving and offer men and women a chance to express their skill.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.