Good Day from Lahore, Pakistan!
It’s evening here – and CNN just showed the opening of the stock market in the USA.

Walter and I have been carefully selecting a comprar castillo hinchable baratos beautiful range of fine handwoven rugs, which we cannot wait to share with all of you back home. We have been fortunate to discover numerous large sizes, many with highlights of silk thread.

From sumptuous shag rugs with “crazy” colors and Commercial Grade Bounce House sophisticated pieces with subtle cool tones to thinly sheared piles that replicate fine antiques, we’ve seen a true feast for the eyes and the home.

After this full day and a quick rest and shower, a dinner feast of barbecue chicken kebab and freshly cooked Chapati bread are on toboggan aquatique gonflable the menu, followed by a fine, mellow cigar for dessert.

One more day here and then we are on to Istanbul.
Stay tuned!!!

Bye for now,