Greetings from India!The tales from our September buying trip continue. This has been an amazing journey. The Taj Mahal is even better in person. I hope you like my picture. Now to the business at hand.We have mindfully selected an exquisite assortment of beautiful handmade rugs in Agra, many 10×14, transitional styles. I look forward to sharing them with our Oscar Isberian customers back in Chicago, Evanston and Highland Park, IL. These rugs offer stunning new style options at great prices, as the Indian Rupee continues to lose its value. India’s financial misfortune has been a major bonus for us during this pre-fall trip.Another bonus was traveling side by side with our friend, leading interior designer, Sue Fredman. Sue’s impeccable style aire de jeux gonflable and insightful perspective made this trip one of our best in terms of trend, color and style forecasting. Mesrop Darian and I could not have asked for a better traveling companion. As if all that weren’t grand enough, we were treated to a private, lavish dinner party in India that was simply beyond compare. Our hosts provided us with an elegant evening we won’t soon forget.All told, I know that these brilliant new inventory selections from India will further cement Oscar Isberian Rugs as the leader in classic style, cutting-edge fashion and, of course, impeccable service. Come see us soon!