The unveiling party at Oscar Isberian Rugs was great fun for all and more importantly successful for the students from The Harrington College of Design. The evening began with the opening of a new shipment of rugs from India. This shipment was one of the largest and most beautiful we have received in recent years. Sarkis Tatosian and Brian Rojanasumaphong unveiled the rugs they selected from their trip in August. There was a wide range of unique styles and textures to behold. After some drinking and dining the winning rugs from the Harrington design competition were auctioned for scholarships. There were seven winning designs and all are beautiful and special in their own right. The students were present and it was fascinating to hear them explain how they came up with the designs and from where they drew inspiration. After some more drinking and dining, the balance of the shipment from India was unveiled. We’d like to thank all who attended and extend a special thanks to Peter Klick of Harrington for his efforts in organizing the design competition.