Domotex is the worlds largest exhibition of rugs, carpets and all types of floor coverings. Held in Hannover, Germany (similar snow and cold as Chicago), Sevak and I felt at home. We selected distressed Mid-Century Turkish rugs, luminous Banana Silk handwoven rugs, and subtle flat woven rugs. Most will arrive after 6 months. Clearly the highlight is the collection of silk & wool rugs from Jaipur, India. Transitional patters in a range of muted colors, all available in custom sizes. Due to inflation in India (reportedly at over 7%) rugs prices seemed higher.

We unsuccessfully negotiated with a weaver from Uzbekistan, he had an Oushak collection, maybe next year. There were beautiful Persian carpets at favorable prices, however due to the trade embargo- we are prohibited from importing, like Cuban Cigars. Attendance was lower than last year, the economic problems in Europe are evident.

In conclusion, it was a productive trip- identifying new weavers, re-visiting old friends and collaborating with dealers from everywhere.Sevak and I had lunch with a South African rug dealer, shared ideas with a Palestinian dealer from the Old City in Jerusalem, and design showrooms in Vancouver and Austin.
An enriching experience !!!! Glad to be home- regards to all. Oscar