We asked our panel of rug and carpeting experts to choose their favorite rug from our Kinzie showroom. It was a tough decision, but they were able to narrow it down to one. Check out their top picks and why they chose them!

Oscar Tatosian

Rug 63362 – Antique from Turkey – Size 12’2”x15’7”

Perfect condition, richly colored Oushak, a rug to build a room around, bottom up!

Sevak Alaverdyan

Rug 54267 – Antique from Iran – Size 10’5”x14’2”

Intricate and subtle, this Moteshem Kashan exhibits balance & symmetry

Sally Gordon

Rug 25273 – Antique from Armenia – Size 4’6”x9’4”

Inspired from the French Court, burst of floral bouquet

Edward Schemmelfennig

Rug 58548 – Antique from Iran – Size 8’5”x11’8”

A world-class Farrahan Sarouk, excellent condition!!

Jenessa Connelly

Rug 10252 – Antique from Turkey – Size 11’4”x12’1”

This ivory field Oushak is versatile for any space

Marcus Silva

Rug 61719 – Antique from Iran – Size 11’6”x16’3”

Bold & Bright, perfect condition this Heriz works with modern or traditional interiors