All was well in Lahore, Pakistan other than arriving in the midst of Monsoon season, it’s really not bad, rain is needed here.

The roads flood and its very tense for my driver, and even worse for the many motorcyclists, scooters, donkey carts and bikes.

The carpets are amazing, mostly cool colors grey, platinum, cool blues. My instructions were- NO gold, brown, yellow or creamy tones. The porters, who were opening the rugs were growing frustrated that I rejected so many rugs.

I selected some traditional, very fine rugs. In particular a 12 x 16, overall design 20/20 quality, red field & ivory border, no medallion. I texted Sarkis the image for his advice- it was probably the middle of the night in Chicago, he quickly responded YES !!

Also an overall 12 x 18 cream and soft blue, pale wool with silk highlights, inspired by floral fabric. Some great Khotans 6 x 9. parc aquatique gonflable Some Moroccan designs-all sizes. The rugs will arrive in 2 shipments, first arriving in October.

Turkey also had some beautiful carpets. Their production is more of a boutique style. There are a number of smaller weavers each with his own special style. I purchased a smaller amount from Turkey and these should also arrive in October or early November.