We could not be prouder. The American Society of Interior Designers – Illinois Chapter (ASID-IL) last Friday awarded Oscar Isberian Rugs with a Design Excellence Award for our hand-knotted Storefront Rug. The Award was part of the 13th annual Interior Design Excellence Award Competition presented during the Celebration of Design Gala on Friday, Sept. 16 at Chez in River North, Chicago.  
In celebration of ASID-IL’s 40th Anniversary, this year’s program highlighted the “Design Heroes” that have influenced the art, craft and history of local commercial and residential design by creating inspiring and beautiful spaces. How fitting that our specially commissioned rug was honored, which depicts the outside of our storefront at 1028 Chicago Avenue in Evanston. The store was purchased in 1920 by our own hero, grandfather Oscar Isberian. Our mission for the piece was to create a rug based on a vintage photograph of our storefront from the 1940s. 

We did not want it to be a literal copy of the photo, but rather a work of art that had depth and character. To achieve our goal, we collaborated with our top weaver in India. His innovative and magnificent suggestion was to create a painting of the photo and weave the rug based on the painting. This step was instrumental in achieving the look we desired.  Once the painting was completed, it was transferred to a graph. The next challenge was to make sure each knot brought out the true spirit of the painting. To accomplish this, each square inch of the design had to be reviewed for proper color and design placement. This was the most time consuming and painstaking part of the design process. Every knot was mapped out with appropriate shading and variation so the rug would have dimension and life.  

Last but not least in this project was securing the most experienced weavers to best execute the design. Only weavers with 25 years or more of experience were chosen to be part of the weaving process. The finished piece was a profound achievement; an emotional historical work of art for the entire Isberian family.

~Sarkis Tatosian