Transforming Traditions:
The Hudson Valley House

For Architectural Digest, writer Katherine Burns Olson tells the story of a multigenerational Upstate New York home’s total transformation with a web-exclusive home tour.

Nestled in the heart of Hudson Valley near the enchanting Mohonk Mountain House, Erin Appleton, her mother Kathleen Casey, and their expanding family found their dream home in an 1890s carriage house, ripe with history and charm.

Under the creative guidance of designer Kristen Ekeland of Studio Gild, and with the architectural expertise of Kurt Sutherland, the carriage house underwent meticulous renovations to personalize the space.

Featured in this transformation is a fine rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs that lays foundation for this family’s new memories, harmonizing beautifully with the home’s aesthetic and design evolution.

Congratulations to the homeowners and the incredible design team of Studio Gild for their successful work on this magnificent project. To read more about the transformation, check out the web-exclusive home tour posted online, and to view more of our collection of new and antique rugs, visit us online or in our Chicagoland showrooms today.