History, Legacy, and the Power of Positive Relationships

In the vibrant world of Chicago design, Oscar Isberian Rugs has cultivated a revered reputation for high quality products, exceptional service, and a vast array of rugs sourced from across the globe. In a video for Luxe Interiors + Design, Oscar Tatosian, Principal of Oscar Isberian Rugs, sits down with Chicago Publisher Kathy Mitchell for a discussion of history, legacy, and the power of positive relationships.

Part of the publication’s River North Design District series, the video showcases the storied history of Oscar Isberian Rugs as a leader in the Chicago design community, and the firm’s profound commitment to quality, design, and maintaining strong relationships.

The enlightening conversation offers viewers a glimpse into the firm’s gorgeous showroom and the operation that has set Oscar Isberian Rugs apart for generations. From strategic partnerships with designers and producers to their vast collection of new and antique rugs, the foundation of their success is built on the long-term relationships they have cultivated at every level of the industry from competitors to colleagues to clients.

Thank you to Kathy Mitchell and the Luxe Interiors + Design team for their continued support of Oscar Isberian Rugs and their vital role in lifting up the Chicago design community.