After a smooth journey thru Dubai, I have arrived in Lahore, Pakistan on a rug buying mission. Having “cleaned-up”, I went directly to the weaver’s workshop. It’s no small workshop, rather a huge compound with 400 workers, some dyeing yarn, some washing and others meticulously performing final finishing work to the hand woven masterpieces.

Some of the “hottest” items include pale, muted tones with thin pile rugs which resemble fabric on the floor. I selected numerous with cool colors, an interior designer’s dream!!! Also exciting, however difficult to integrate are “over-dyed” or “color tobogan hinchable reformed” rugs. These rugs are washed and dyed (permanently) in a range of colors from bright pink and purple, canary yellow, hot reds and blues. I was conservative and selected some cool blue grey carpets. A particularly beautiful 12 x 15 and a 15 x 15 square in ivory, soft blues and cream. A classic 9 x 12 Tabriz design and numerous tone on tone modern designs.

Generally the selection was amazing- I could have selected 3 times more. However, there is always the next trip…

Prices are a bit higher due to labor and material costs (cotton, fuel); however when we consider the effort of labor, time, sweat and desire to create beauty- these rugs should cost 3 times more.