Wednesday evening, I attended a fundraiser soireé hosted by Oscar and Sarkis Tatosian, the brothers who run Oscar Isberian Rugs. The fundraiser was held for Designs for Dignity, a design organization that engages the design community and its resources to help those in need through pro bono design, to bring more awareness to the charity’s mission statement and purpose.

The party was held at Oscar’s home, the historic William H. Reid Home, on Prairie Avenue. The notable home was built in 1894 in the “Classical Revival” style. Mr. Tatosian purchased the home in 2002 and has been renovating the exterior of the building, while maintaining the historic and rich interior. The interior showcases a gorgeous mahogany staircase, a stained-glass dome, and a spacious 30′ x 30′ ballroom on the third floor.

Not only was the fundraiser a way for Designs for Dignity to make itself more known in the design community and unite designers for an important cause, but it was also a great success in regards to its vibrant and diversified attendance of designers and design firms.

Just being able to meet such talented designers in such a beautiful and historically rich location was enough to make anyone excited and left speechless. This was not only one of my first major experiences working for Oscar Isberian Rugs, but will be something that I am also able to remember as a great experience and opportunity.