Monday night, Oscar and Sarkis Tatosian of Oscar Isberian Rugs co-hosted a holiday event with The Golden Triangle for the American Society of Interior Designers. ASID is the leading organization for interior design professionals founded in 1975. Not only is it the largest and leading professional organization for interior designers, but also the oldest.

The event was held at The Golden Triangle, a well-known antique furnishings and artifacts store located just north of the Chicago River. The Golden Triangle specializes in Asian antiques and recently began its own modern collection of hand-crafted from salvaged hardwoods. The store originally started selling artifacts and antiques from Chiang Mai, Thailand. However, over the years the store expanded its collections to include antiques from all over Asia and, more recently, Europe.

The holiday event served Asian cuisine and featured two Thai Angels who greeted guests as they arrived. There was also a wildly successful raffle, which included prizes ranging from Club Box seats for a White Sox game to fine pearl-encrusted jewelry. Funds for the ASID were provided through the furiously-purchased raffle tickets. Over 130 guests attended the event and by the expressions on the faces of the attendees and hosts, the holiday event was a considered a great success.