“Study in Contrasts” Oscar Isberian Rugs contribute to an imaginative new design for a young couple’s Bucktown home.

From issue 73 of Luxe Interiors + Design Chicago, designer Melissa Benham of Studio Gild finds harmony between the masculine and feminine for a Bucktown home’s design.

Following an ambitious new construction project, the homeowners wanted a design that echoed the home’s new playful marriage of traditional and modern influences. Featuring dark brick exterior wrapped in steel channels accented with limestone detailing and distinct interior touches like the monolithic, wood-clad accent wall, the challenge became bridging the contemporary and the traditional within the home’s interior.

To achieve total harmony, Benham used subtle accents like deep-lilac-veined marble slabs, blush tones, and even a stunning Gucci tiger print wallpaper. To compliment these bold choices, Benham chose sumptuous textures, bold prints, and unique artwork from various artisans and producers, including a beautiful black-and-white patterned rug by Oscar Isberian Rugs in the living room.

Incorporating these personal touches and designs achieved a home that is both unique to the couple, and timeless in style. “As long as the residence reflects them, they should love it for years to come.”

Congratulations to Melissa and the entire Gild Interiors team for their incredible work on this home. To read more about the project, check out “Study in Contrasts,” and view our entire collection of rugs and floor coverings in person or online at Oscar Isberian Rugs.