It all began with a dinner party… witness the spectacular transformation of a Chicago residence.

In a labor of love and vision, a dynamic husband and wife duo set out to create an expanse of warmth and style to accommodate their growing family. They enlisted a dream team: the brilliant interior designer Anthony Michael, general contractor David Haegeland, and architects Tom Hagerty and Kevin Toukoumidis.

The metamorphosis is nothing short of breathtaking. The home now boasts a stately limestone façade, punctuated with exquisite art deco metalwork and serene urban gardens. The interior tells a story of bold ambition and luxurious comfort, with Anthony Michael masterfully weaving a warm, decorative scheme that dances in harmony with the home’s modern contours. Imagine a tapestry of rich jewel tones and opulent textured wallcoverings adding a maximalist charm, while plush seating draped in velvet, chenille, mohair, and leather invites one into a haven of layered textures and coziness.

Not just a feast for the eyes, the home’s library and lounge beckon with their curated selection of tomes, framed by sumptuous rugs from Oscar Isberian Rugs—bold strokes in the canvas of this home.

And for the pièce de résistance, the lower level unfurls into an entertainer’s paradise, complete with a full bar and a cylindrical wine cellar crowned with a retractable glass ceiling.

Congratulations to the homeowners and all those who contributed to making this masterpiece a reality. To see more of this incredible home, check out “Visual Feast” in the November/December ‘23 issue of Luxe Interiors Chicago, and to browse our collection of new and antique rugs, visit us online or one of our chicagoland showrooms.