Oscar Isberian Rugs in the July/August 2023 Issue of Luxe Interiors Chicago.

First, in “Bright Side” a Chicagoland family of six sees their home through total renovation. A charming 1947 former Georgian-turned-Modern home underwent a remarkable transformation thanks to renowned designer Martin Horner and architect Paul Konstant. Focusing on comfort and durability, the family carried the modern exterior aesthetic indoors, creating a gallery-like blank canvas on which accent pieces and pops of indigo and hot pink create a punchy energy throughout the home.

Among the pops of color, a blue Moroccan rug by Oscar Isberian Rugs, a timeless piece in perfect harmony with the home’s modern design.

Next, in “Wordly Vibes,” a Chicago couple creates a new vision for their Lakeview duplex with the help of designer Carly Moeller.

Inspired by the couple’s worldly travels and penchant for photography, Moeller designed a home that feels unique to the couple, incorporating their own art alongside prized possessions and pieces chosen to showcase their individual aesthetics.

Among the pieces chosen, two stunning rugs by Oscar Isberian Rugs in the family room and living room, adding color to seamlessly blend with the bold furniture choices.

Congratulations to the homeowners and designers on these amazing homes. To see these incredible projects and read more about their amazing transformations, check out the most recent issue of Luxe Interiors Chicago. And to view more of our collection of rugs, visit a showroom or browse our collection online.