Our holiday parties are always special, it is a time where we celebrate the past year and are able to share time with co-workers and family. This year’s party was extra special as we honored Berj Sakalian who recently retired after over 35 years of service. Berj was in charge of our repair and restoration department. He is a skilled artisan who never ceased to amaze us with his expertise. His ability to complete the most difficult repairs was phenomenal. More than that, Berj was a trusted friend and employee who always put the needs of clients and the company before his own. His entire family came to honor Berj and their presence made the evening very touching evening. Through the years Berj shared his expertise with others and created a professional repair and restoration department that continues to live up to his legacy.

The party was held at 27 Live in Evanston. We typically hold our holiday party in December, but it was an unusually busy one so we decided to have it in the slightly less hectic month of January. We may continue this in future years. We all had a terrific time with delicious food and drink. It was a great way to ring in the New Year and honor a very special man!