Congratulations to all who participated in the Harrington Rug Design Competition. Along with Carlos Martinez, Gensler, Tom O’Bryant, Designer, and Susan Sissman, Designer, Sarkis and myself (Daniel) had the opportunity to review over 50 designs. The event was held at Harrington College where we met up with the judges, students, and alumni.

From the beginning it was clear which had piqued the interest of the audience and caused a stir. Timothy Naus’ rug who placed first was a clear favorite amongst judges with its abstract images. Many of us wondered what exactly we were looking at. Following closely was Dana Peterson who’s simple, yet elegant rug makes an incredibly marketable rug. Third was Tunnel, by Kelly Greenlee who’s hypnotic design makes for a playful contemporary look. The next step for the top seven designs is production. Be on the lookout for updates in the next few months as they will be auctioned off at an event. More details to come as they become available. Follow the links to see the top winners as well as the rest of the entries.

The winners of the Oscar Isberian Rug Design Competition

Oscar Isberian and Harrington College of Design, Rug Competition