It was a full day in Istanbul!! We were busy and enchanted by antique Turkish and Caucasian rugs, selecting and negotiating one at a time. (Persian rugs remain a no-no due to the embargo.) Walter and I selected pale, thinly shaved mid-century rugs. See the image of us with the supplier, a 25-year friend. Our uncle (another Sarkis) is an expert inflables buyer of pure silk Hereke rugs. He lives in Istanbul. See the image of him counting knots with a magnifying glass. There is also a shot of the two of us inspecting a masterpiece from Sirinoglu. The pure silk paradise design featuring animals, heaven and earth, with angels throughout the border, has an Armenian inscription. We need to research the inspiration of the pattern, I’m guessing Isfahan (Julfa). Finally, Uncle Sarkis is on the telephone Avengers Bounce House Slide with the rug’s owner, who was vacationing on the Turkish Isles. We actually had to negotiate, to agree to negotiate!!! It is the toboggan gonflable Istanbul Bazaar, after all, which is more than 800 years old. They are good. We will email when the rugs arrive in 4-6 weeks — just in time for the holidays! Best, Oscar & Walter