Walter and I have been shopping for three days in Lahore, Pakistan. We are seeing many beautiful carpets that have balanced colors and three dimensional characters. This trip has been successful on many levels. We selected some thick lustrous contemporary designs. We selected a new collection with all natural colors, the yarns being spun from the natural color of the sheep’s wool.

This particular weaver is third generation whose family originally began as wool traders. He explained that wool production in Pakistan is tobogan acuatico hinchable down because the population favors eating goat meat instead of lamb, resulting in less wool production. Goats have much less hair for yarn. Wool is imported to Pakistan from New Zealand and neighboring countries. We also selected some pieces in extremely fine knot counts, we hope to find more.

We keep hearing that rug production is decreasing as weavers are leaving the looms to work in higher paying jobs. In years past, carpet weavers earned 5-10% more than construction workers. Today, as a result of growth and inflation, construction workers are earning double the wages of a weaver. The “soft” market for rugs is preventing the manufacturers from increasing wages/prices; as the market cannot absorb the price increases.

In general, the mood is somber here. There is much security – I have been told there is almost no tourism – completely disappeared. Only businessmen travel here – but I have seen none possibly because of Holidays.

Everyone is friendly as usual and the hotel and cuisine are very good. Cuban cigars too !!!

Good bye for now