After stepping off the plane in Hannover, Germany, Mesrop Darian, sales manager of our Evanston location, and myself, were greeted by a sign welcoming us to the the trade-show capitol of Europe. Attending Domotex for the first time, an internationally important flooring show that encompasses everything from tile to hand-made carpets, was an informative experience: one filled with face-to-face meetings with talented weavers from around the globe.

Of particular interest were the cutting edge Tibetan rugs from Nepal, comprised of such materials as Indian silk, linen, Tibetan wool, and hemp. Infinitely more complex than others we have seen before, subtle shading in texture, color, and design result in a rug that is painterly in appearance.

Our next great find was with a valued weaver with whom we have had a long and close relationship. He showed some spectacular new rugs: a line of gabbehs rendered in all-natural, undyed wool, equally at home in a starkly modern pied-a-terre or a Aspen skiing lodge.

Overall, it was an incredibly fruitful trip for Oscar Isberian Rugs, and we look forward to receiving these carpets in our showrooms.