An Oscar Isberian Blog by Diane Cotton Caplan


On Thursday, May 10, the Oscar Isberian Rugs family hosted an event honoring one of the world’s most acclaimed and celebrated rug artists, Jürgen Dahlmanns of Rug Star, Berlin. More than 150 invited designers and architects gathered at the historic private residence of Isberian co-owner Oscar Tatosian, where they were treated to an elegant cocktail reception, dinner and meet and greet. Quite literally, it was the who’s who of the Chicago design scene meeting one of the giants on the international rug stage.

While the floors of Oscar’s Nationally Registered home, built in 1854, normally are dressed in traditional family heirloom rugs, for this special event, they were covered with the hand-knotted, wool and silk works of Dahlmanns’ Rug Star. The front salon with original woodwork, the entry room with its original Tiffany stained glass dome and other areas of the home were clad in the exquisite, contemporary pieces.

As guests strolled through the Classical Revival home, they were encouraged to find their way up to the third-floor ballroom for a presentation of more than 60 additional Rug Star creations.

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