Many of you may be familiar with “Bidjar” rugs. Bidjar is a town in northwest Iran famous for weaving some of the most beautiful and durable rugs anywhere. Bidjar rugs are known as “The rug man’s rug” or “Iron rug of Persia” This is because of the classic patterns and high quality of rugs from that region. A lesser known subset of Bidjar rugs is the Gerouz Bidjar. Gerouz is a part of Bidjar in the Kurdistan province. The patterns of Gerouz Bidjars vary quite a bit from traditional Bidjar rugs. Most rugs from that region use the classic “Herati” pattern with or without a medallion. Gerouz patterns offer a much larger scale and abstract design. The combination of fine workmanship and the unusual patterns create a most exquisite and unique rug. One of most creative weavers in India has interpreted these rugs in a beautiful collection of one of a kind pieces.