<p>On Monday, October 2nd, we presented <em>Antique Rugs 101</em>, the first lecture in a series of learning sessions as part of the <em>World of Antique Rugs</em> promotion at Oscar Isberian Rugs.</p>
<p>Oscar Tatosian, a recognized expert in the field with a lifetime of experience, was our presenter and covered the differences between old and antiques. In addition to the lecture, one of our repair artisans demonstrated a rug restoration.</p>
<p>Thank you to all of our attendees for participating. We hope you learned something new and took away valuable information regarding antique rugs.</p>
<p>Future lectures will be held at our Chicago and Evanston showrooms. Visit <a href=”https://www.isberian.com/rsvp/”>isberian.com/rsvp</a> for more information.</p>