~ Our new Centrifuge machine will clean your rugs as gently as ever― now, even more thoroughly. ~

At Oscar Isberian Rugs, we’ve always prided ourselves on the thorough, gentle manner in which we clean your valuable area rugs. Our namesake, Oscar Isberian, not only built our Evanston store, he even engineered our washing area and its sophisticated, 20-plus-feet-high drying balcony, all to get your rugs as clean and dry as possible.

Well, just in time for our 95th Anniversary, we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art centrifuge machine (see photo), which will take our cleaning efforts to the next level. The centrifuge is one of the largest available in the market and can handle over-sized rugs up to 14-feet wide.

The machine works in a similar manner as the rinse cycle in your home washer, with a rapidly rotating central container that applies centrifugal force to its contents. Unlike your home washer, our new centrifuge spins up to 1,800 revolutions per minute and literally throws the water, soap and debris out of the rug.

The final result is a cleaner rug that’s free of unpleasant odors and foreign particles, all of which are effectively removed during the spinning process. The rug is damp to the touch and ready to be hung in our exclusive drying balcony (see photo).

Next time you are in our Evanston location, please ask for your own personal cleaning tour. You’ll see firsthand why we believe we have the finest rug cleaning process in Chicagoland.