Sevak Alaverdyan, Oscar Tatosian and Sarkis Tatosian represented Oscar Isberian Rugs at this year’s DIFFA Dining by Design. Oscar Isberian Rugs sponsored a table which was beautifully designed and executed by Kaufman Segal Design. The event was a huge success as it raises funds for the fight against AIDS. Oscar Isberian Rugs has been a proud sponsor of the event for a number of years. It was held at the Merchandise Mart on Saturday November 3rd and was enjoyed by all who attended.New this year, the three dimensional dining installations featured a Sustainable Mission and our new Emerging Designer Program. These one-of-a-kind creative spaces assembled some of the most talented, creative and celebrated individuals in the Chicago design community and pair them with our generous Table Hosts. DIFFA/Chicago (The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is a not-for-profit fundraising and grant making foundation that distributes funds to Chicago area HIV/AIDS service agencies that provide direct service, preventative education and outreach to people who are HIV positive, living with AIDS or at risk for infection. Founded in 1984, DIFFA has granted more than $38 million to hundreds of community-based organizations. Founded by volunteers from the fashion industry, interior design, furnishings and architecture, supporters of DIFFA now come from every field associated with fine design. DIFFA has also been an innovative agent in drawing local and national corporations into the fight against the epidemic, and enjoys tremendous support from the business community. In Chicago, our Excellence in Care Awards funding focuses on those agencies that demonstrate extraordinary effectiveness in achieving their chosen missions in the HIV/AIDS arena.