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  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_state_building.jpg

    Persian Heriz Rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs in a Diplomatic Reception Room at the United States Department of State, Washington, DC.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_outside_production.jpg

    Stretching and drying of newly woven rugs in Mirzapur India.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_production.jpg

    Weavers in Nepal and Pakistan (inset) creating hand woven rugs.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_living_room.jpg

    Round Chinese Savonnerie rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs displayed in a Sunroom.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_hallway.jpg

    Persian Malayer Runners from Oscar Isberian Rugs gracing a hallway inside a Chicago, IL. Condominium.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_drying.jpg

    Yarns drying in the sun in Mirzapur India to obtain the optimal patina.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_living_room_pakistani_rug.jpg

    A Super Fine Pakistani Rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs showcased in a Living Room.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_fine_lavar_kerman.jpg

    Examining an extremely fine Lavar Kerman Rug in Jaipur, India.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_dyeing.jpg

    Dyeing of wool in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_washing_of_rugs.jpg

    Washing of Rugs in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_clipping_shearing.jpg

    Clipping & Shearing of a classic Sarouk Rug in Khamaria, India.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_gabbeh_rugs.jpg

    Purchasing Gabbeh Rugs in Bhadohi, India.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_inspecting_tibetan_rug.jpg

    Inspecting a Wool and Silk Tibetan Rug in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_sorting_wool.jpg

    Sorting of wool in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • http://store.isberian.com/images/showcase_rinsing_of_rugs.jpg

    Rinsing of a Rug in Varanasi, India.


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